Strategy and Communication

At Renommé we tailor teams for each client. We select team members with different expertise, industry- and life experience to achieve the best solution for you and your business.

As a full service communications agency, we cater for all your communication needs.

Welcome to Renommé Communication.

Idea, Strategy, Flash and HTML-programming of online game in connection with a consumer campaign.
Web Application Development for mobile phones with Business Directory.
Design and Development of interactive ski runs.
Development of mobile-adapted websites for El-løftet.
Development of the campaign site
Development, Design and Implementation of blog using WordPress as Publishing Platform. We are also acting as Social Media Advisors for Vinni though Made Management.
Development of Social Media integration for Selvaag’s Anniversary Campaign.
TINE På Menyen digital Christmas Calendar 2011
Development and implementation of interaction design in our own CMS, Echo.
Development and implementation of design in our own CMS, Echo.
Development and implementation of web design in our own CMS, Echo.
Project: We developed a portal, adapted design and were responsible for delivery of the underlying booking system for the Selvaag property concept Pluss.

Interaction, functionality and aesthetics are the hallmarks of our web- and internet solutions

  • Content Analysis
  • Web Design
  • Web Advertising
  • SEO
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • CMS: Echo or WordPress

With digital presence from Renommé, your solutions will be compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android. Our solutions are scalable, but we also offer responsive or mobile-adapted solutions.

For more information, please contact Tommie Olsen on or +47 909 33 905


Logo og grafisk profil for Akademikerforbundet
Design av logo for With
PHARMAQ AS - Design, photo, content and production of complete annual report
Design of graphic profile and logo for the “Norwegen festival”
Design of logo and graphic profile
Development of logo and graphic profile

We create graphic design that grabs the attention of your target audience.

  • Web Design
  • Design Manuals
  • Magazines
  • Templates
  • Direct Marketing
  • Product Sheets
  • Brochures
  • Invitations
  • Presentations

For more information, please contact Morten Hansen on or +47 913 52 356

Development and design of print material for
Development and design of ads, brochures, direct marketing material and interactive web campaigns.
Development and design of ads and brochures as well as PR for the campaign
Selvaag Bolig AS - Development and design of brochures, ads, direct marketing and interactive campaigns
KRUS (Kriminalomsorgens utdanningssenter). Development and design for Recruiting Campaign, ads, brochures, direct marketing and exhibition materials as well as media training
KRUS (Kriminalomsorgens utdanningssenter). Development and design for Recruiting Campaign, ads, brochures, direct marketing and exhibition materials as well as media training

We provide media-, advertising- and information consulting to ensure that your message reaches the right target group. In addition, we help you with:

  • Concept and idea
  • Branding, Logos and Profiles
  • Text
  • Audio
  • Photo, illustrations and film
  • SFA

For more information, please contact Morten Hansen on or +47 913 52 356

Swatch Group annual event at Sundvolden in Norway
Oras launch party for their new environmentally friendly faucet “Eterna”
Renommé Communication arranged Sikringen’s annual meeting in Spain 2010

Events are an integrated communication tool that can benefit customer relations and promote sales, as well as give positive PR. Renommé Communication takes care of your events, from concept and idea to management and evaluation.

  • Kick offs
  • PR events
  • Courses and Lectures
  • Team Building Activities
  • Annual Parties/Road Shows
  • Outdoor and Indoor Activities
  • Events abroad

For more information, please contact Chris Welsh on or +47 908 48 898

Design of stand for Vanpee
Design of stand for Lilleborg
Design of stand for IFS
Teco's stand on Nor-Shipping was an island with it's own VIP area
This joint stand at the exop
Eltek on Eliaden. Development and production of the stand (120 m2)
We built capable of Continental Tire of Mass Transportation. In 2011 the stand was selected for one of four stands as the year's stand
Negleakadmiet attended the Health and Beatuy Fair 2012. With 42 m2 area was well utilized and the stand was clearly visible
TINE attended the SMAK

Successful trade fair presence depends on a number of factors before, during and after the fair. Renommé Communication has over 30 years experience with trade fairs, expos and showrooms, and we know how you will get the most out of your investment 

We tailor make your stand equipment to create an immediate impression of your company's profile, brand and products through: Idea and concept

  • 3D Animation and film
  • Production of stand equipment (for purchase or rent)
  • Trade fair equipment
  • Give-aways
  • Trade fair staff
  • Development of complete trade fair presence
  • Competitions, PR and social media
  • Construction and deconstruction of stands
  • Storage

For more information, please contact Christmut Lindvig, or +47 986 46 045


Årets Matgledebedrift 2011: Article in Solabladet 8. november 2011
Article in Halden Arbeiderblad 16. februar 2012
Article in Bonytt nr. 4 2012
Press Coverage in Logistikk og Ledelse 29.5.2011
Article on
Press Coverage on bolig 29.10.2011
Barbie 50 years: Article on 29. november, 2009
Article in Bergens Tidende 17. march, 2011
Article in Aftenposten 1. mars 2011

PR is not about getting on TV as often as possible, but about reaching the right target group with the right message. We offer:

  • Media- and press contact
  • PR Consulting
  • Articles and commentaries
  • Media Lists (Norwegian and international)
  • Press Releases
  • Media Training
  • Information Distribution
  • Market Communication
  • Crisis Management

For more information, please contact Maria Egeland on or +47 997 76 864

Interactive map over Hassela Ski Resort
Sikringens Facebook-pages
YouTube-channel for Fastelektriker.
Communication for Tine På Menyen on Twitter
Tine På Menyens YouTube-page. Vi produce videos and maintain the YouTube-page.
Strømaksjonens Facebook-pages.
Tine På Menyens Facebook-pages.
TINE På Menyens Facebook-pages
Oras watercalculator on Facebook

Is it right for your business to be present in social media? We help you analyse whether or not social media presence will strengthen your company.

We also help you with:

  • Social Media Strategy and guidelines
  • Assistance with editorial content and publishing plans
  • Editing and continuous moderation
  • Identifying good cases for Social Media Communication
  • Assessing and coaching human assets in your company to aid internal Social Media Communication
  • Mapping dialogue partners and networks
  • Working out uniform style guides for your company’s Social Media Communication
  • Reporting and assessment

For more information, please contact Heidi F. Enger Otone on on or +47 416 19 913

Skjermdump av TINE På menyens digitale julekalender.
Skjermdump av TINE På Menyens digitale julekalender.
Skjermdump av TINE På Menyens digitale julekalender.
Skjermdump av TINE På Menyens digitale julekalender.

3D illustrations are ideal for visualising prototypes, apartments, showrooms and exhibition stands before production starts. A 3D illustration can also be of value in itself, for example for:

  • Presentations/Web Illustrations
  • Blueprints/ User Manuals
  • Advertising/print materials

For more information, please contact Tommie Olsen on or +47 909 33 905

Bilde av Albert Casanovas
Bilde av Albert Casanovas

Albert Casanovas Tlf: +34 934 441 316 Web-developer

Albert is a Computer Engineering student at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He is an experienced Code Ninja keen on design, programming, Open Source, mobile platforms and BDD protocols.

Bilde av Andrea Contreras
Bilde av Andrea Contreras

Andrea Contreras Tlf: +34 934 441 316 Art Director, Barcelona

Andrea is a Graphic Designer by Escuela Superior de Diseño Elisava and Graduate in Arts by the University of Barcelona. She is a trained advertising graphic designer with innovative skills and a strategic vision for communication.

Bilde av Andreas Hansen
Bilde av Andreas Hansen

Andreas Hansen Tlf: 23 37 87 50 Media Relations Director, Copenhagen

Andreas has worked as a journalist and editor for TV2 Denmark, DR Ingeniøren and Berlingske Tidende. He studied in the United States, and is currently working with PR for a number of national and international clients.

Bilde av Arild Kristiansen
Bilde av Arild Kristiansen

Arild Kristiansen Tlf: 928 19 079 Consultant/Sales

Arild has a degree within marketing, sales and communications. He has worked both as a consultant and an executive within advertising and public relations. Arild is also an advisor on PR and information.

Bilde av Christina Terry
Bilde av Christina Terry

Christina Terry Tlf: 23 37 87 50 Creative Director, Copenhagen

Christina holds a degree in Communications and a BA in English. She has many years of experience in the PR industry, particularly in FMCG, lifestyle and nutrition, and as an Editor and Ghost Writer.

Bilde av Endre Røneid Fehn
Bilde av Endre Røneid Fehn

Endre Røneid Fehn Tlf: 901 32 230 Product Manager/System Developer

Endre is a System Developer from the University of Bergen and worked for Spekter and  Imaker before joining Renommé. He has also worked at the Global Name Registry Ltd. in London.

Bilde av Eskil Skafle Hovland
Bilde av Eskil Skafle Hovland

Eskil Skafle Hovland Tlf: 404 60 172 Assembly Foreman Expo & Event

Eskil has 10 years of experience within trade fairs. He is a former employee of Exporama and Exporent. Eskil has competencies with Octanorm, the world’s largest system of fair trade components. 

Bilde av Glenn Løvberg
Bilde av Glenn Løvberg

Glenn Løvberg Tlf: 924 69 255 Creative Manager Expo & Event

Glenn has 20 years of experience within event marketing, and has worked with well known brands such as Playstation, Norsk Tipping, Statoil and Hafslund. Glenn is also the producer of Gulltaggen. 

Bilde av Gunnar Angeltveit
Bilde av Gunnar Angeltveit

Gunnar Angeltveit Tlf: 905 96 323 CEO/Partner, Renommé Strategy AS

Gunnar has solid experience within communication. This includes being a reporter for the state broadcaster NRK and as chair of the Press and Information Division at the Ministry of Defence and the Government's Crisis Information Unit. He has worked as CEO, Manager and Communications Advisor for several agencies.

Bilde av Heidi F. Enger Otone
Bilde av Heidi F. Enger Otone

Heidi F. Enger Otone Tlf: 416 19 913 PR and Social Media Advisor (on maternity leave)

Heidi has a bachelor's degree in public relations and communication management from the BI and photographic education from the Art and Design School. She has previously worked in the Tag Studio as a photographer and webmaster.

Bilde av Jarle Ryne
Bilde av Jarle Ryne

Jarle Ryne Tlf: 412 27 104 Art Director/Creative Director

Jarle has four years of education within design, text, advertising and communication from a series of institutions, including Westerdals School of Communication. He has worked within the advertising industry since 2000.

Bilde av Jon Gangdal
Bilde av Jon Gangdal

Jon Gangdal Tlf: 909 87 909 Strategic Advisor, Renommé Strategy

Jon has been a journalist at Dagbladet, reporter at TV2, Information Manager for the Oslo Police District and Communications Advisor for several agencies. He has led a number of high profile climbing expeditions and is a renowned author.

Bilde av Jørn Eilertsen
Bilde av Jørn Eilertsen

Jørn Eilertsen Tlf: 482 97 035 Support Manager/System Developer

Jørn was educated at Finnmark University College and the University of Ulster. Before joining Renommé, he worked at Spekter and Imaker.

Bilde av Karin Bruun
Bilde av Karin Bruun

Karin Bruun Tlf: 450 05 857 Finance and Administration Manager

Karin holds a Diploma in Economics with a specialization in project management. She is also a Certified Public Accountant. She has worked in several industries such as publishing, accounting, IT and insurance.

Bilde av Karine Langenes
Bilde av Karine Langenes

Karine Langenes Tlf: 926 87 123 Information Advisor (on maternity leave)

Karine graduated as a journalist from NLA University College. She has previously worked in Austria as a copywriter and concept developer at Moodley Brand Identity, as well as a reporter for NRK.

Bilde av Kathinka Martinsen
Bilde av Kathinka Martinsen

Kathinka Martinsen Digital Producer/AD Designer

Kathinka holds a degree in Design and Advertising, as well as in System Developing. She has previously worked for Microsoft Norway as a Specialist Producer.

Bilde av Kristoffer Relling
Bilde av Kristoffer Relling

Kristoffer Relling Tlf: 481 75 479 Key Account Manager Expo & Event

Kristoffer has worked with some of Norway's biggest brands, such as Donald Duck, TV2, and Nordisk Film. He has a degree in advertising and branding from Oslo School of Management and has previously worked at Egmont and Concept Communication.

Bilde av Lise Aalberg
Bilde av Lise Aalberg

Lise Aalberg Tlf: 952 35 101 Project Manager Expo & Event Currently on maternity leave

Lise has former experience from Eventcompagniet working with companies like Finn, Cisco, Netcom and Clear Channel. Lise has also worked as a Marketing Consultant at Ruukki.

Bilde av Lise Marie Mørkved
Bilde av Lise Marie Mørkved

Lise Marie Mørkved Tlf: 971 15 333 Creative Director and Communication Advisor

Lise Marie has 13 years of exprience working with media and communication. At Renommé she works with digital solutions, concept development and project management.

Bilde av Maja Anna Berdychowska Fosen
Bilde av Maja Anna Berdychowska Fosen

Maja Anna Berdychowska Fosen Tlf: 938 09 570 Project and Content Manager

Maja holds a BA in Advertising and Market Communications from England. She is also educated within Project- and Process Management from the Emergence School of Leadership.

Bilde av Mapi Dufol
Bilde av Mapi Dufol

Mapi Dufol Tlf: +34 934 441 316 Management / Partner at Renommé BCN

Mapi is an Economist from the University of Barcelona with post grad. by Universitée Libre de Bruxelles and ESADE. She’s running a marketing and advertising agency since 2002 and is now CEO in Renommé BCN.

Bilde av Maria Egeland
Bilde av Maria Egeland

Maria Egeland Tlf: 997 76 864 Communications Advisor

Maria holds a BA in linguistics and a MA in communication. She has worked as a journalist and editor in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Maria has previous experience with employer branding for various companies.

Bilde av Maria Farinetti
Bilde av Maria Farinetti

Maria Farinetti Tlf: 23 37 87 50 Administrative Assistant/ Receptionist

Maria has studied Business Administration at the Oslo Business High school, with a specialization in Economics and Marketing. Maria has previously worked in sales and production of fashion events. 

Bilde av Maria Obiols
Bilde av Maria Obiols

Maria Obiols Tlf: +34 934 441 316 New Media Graphic Designer, Barcelona

Maria is Graphic Designer by the Escuela Superior de Diseño Elisava. She is experienced in visual communication (both online and offline) and strives to continue learning to implement creativity to new digital media.

Bilde av Mia Wang-Norderud
Bilde av Mia Wang-Norderud

Mia Wang-Norderud Tlf: 908 77 303 Art Director/ Designer

Swedish born Mia has studied both advertising and art. She has 13 years’ experience in the advertising industry and works with graphic design for the web and print.

Bilde av Morten Hansen
Bilde av Morten Hansen

Morten Hansen Tlf: 913 52 356 Communications Advisor

Morten studied at the Norwegian Institute of Journalism. He has worked in media for 20 years, and has, among other positions, worked as Manager at Programbladet. Morten is also a member of several company- and industry boards.

Bilde av  Ole Kristian Løvberg
Bilde av  Ole Kristian Løvberg

Ole Kristian Løvberg Tlf: 404 60 171 Logistics Manager Expo & Event

Ole Kristian has a lot of experience within several events and fair trade productions. He has also worked with storage logistics. Ole Kristian has been a part of the production team for Gulltaggen for many years.

Bilde av Paal Andersen
Bilde av Paal Andersen

Paal Andersen Tlf: 481 83 490 System Developer

Paal is a Computer Engineer from Oslo University College, and has worked with developing  a number of programming and accounting systems. At Renommé Communication he works with development of major Internet solutions and operations.

Bilde av Petter Brandt
Bilde av Petter Brandt

Petter Brandt Tlf: 900 51 066 Key Account Manager

Petter is educated within Serigraphy, Decor, Design and Exhibition Architecture from Hamar Serigrafi and the Dupont School. He has been the General Manager of Brandt Reklameatelier AS for 37 years.

Bilde av Roar Fosse-Eriksen
Bilde av Roar Fosse-Eriksen

Roar Fosse-Eriksen Tlf: 23 37 87 50 Strategic Advisor, SEO and analysis

Roar is an expert in digital marketing with particular expertise in user behavior, SEO, paid search and analysis. Roar has worked with some of Europe's and Norway's largest brands, among others, Google, PWC and Schibsted.

Bilde av Siri Martinsen
Bilde av Siri Martinsen

Siri Martinsen Tlf: 924 46 898 Accounting Officer

Siri has worked at Renommé since 1996, and has an education and background in accounting and sales.

Bilde av Tom Egil Martinsen
Bilde av Tom Egil Martinsen

Tom Egil Martinsen Tlf: 924 93 220 Managing Director

Tom is educated in Business Economics and marketing. He has been the CEO of Renommé Communication since 1994, having built up the company from a graphics vendor to a one-stop full-service communications agency.

Bilde av Tommie Olsen
Bilde av Tommie Olsen

Tommie Olsen Tlf: 909 33 905 Manager Internet/Partner

Tommie is educated in Business Economics and has nine years of experience in sales from Fram Reklamebyrå, Telenor and Carrera. He has been at Renommé since 1994, and manages the agency’s digital services.

Bilde av Tor Stenehjem Linckert
Bilde av Tor Stenehjem Linckert

Tor Stenehjem Linckert Tlf: 971 48 140 AD/Graphic Designer

Tor is educated as a Graphic Designerfrom England. He has worked in the industry since 1997, and has significant experience in designing  company profiles, signage and web design.

Bilde av Trine Knudsen Dabbadie
Bilde av Trine Knudsen Dabbadie

Trine Knudsen Dabbadie KAM, PR and Social Media. Currently on maternity leave

Trine has an MA in International Journalism from City University London, and a BA in Journalism and Broadcast Media from University of Central Lancashire. She joined Renommé in 2008, and has previously worked as a Journalist for the BBC, and as a Press Coordinator for Viasat Broadcasting.

Bilde av Vicky Pérez
Bilde av Vicky Pérez

Vicky Pérez Tlf: +34 622 117 665 Communication Project Manager & Public Relations Consultant

Vicky holds an MA in Communications Management and Public Relations from the international Business School ESERP. She has over 15 years professional experience gained from corporate communications, public relations and team management.

Bilde av Yngve Johnson
Bilde av Yngve Johnson

Yngve Johnson Tlf: 911 60 338 Senior Advisor

Yngve has 16 years of experience in PR, advertising and design. He has been an Account Manager for national and international companies and brands in both private and public sector.

Bilde av Yukho Wong
Bilde av Yukho Wong

Yukho Wong Tlf: 23 37 87 50 3D- and Flash Designer

Yukho is a 3D/Flash Designer and graduated from Westerdals School of Communication. He has ten years of experience from various advertising agencies.

Bilde av Øystein Larbøl
Bilde av Øystein Larbøl

Øystein Larbøl Tlf: 920 26 837 Manager Expo & Event

Øystein founded Eventcompagniet in 1999 and has worked with several of the Norway's biggest brands. He has a degree in Marketing Communications from NMH, and has previously worked at Metropol TV and Radio 1.

The Renommé Group embarks on international expansion

Renommé Barcelona has made it through its first year. Now international expansion will pick up speed. Renommé spent 2013 establishing a company in Barcelona. Following the evaluation based on one year of operation, Renommé is now increasing its commitment in its Spanish company. In addition to being a digital hub for the Norwegian market, Renommé [...]

Publisert 13. februar 2014 av Maria Egeland

Cheeky scoundrels in the desert

When creating the films for the Gulltaggen award show, we wanted them to symbolize how the event has developed and changed over the years. The result? Cheeky scoundrels messing about in the desert.

Publisert 15. juli 2013 av Trine Dabbadie

The making of Gulltaggen

  This April saw the 15th consecutive Gulltaggen conference and awards being held at the Spektrum in Oslo. As a first this year, Renommé were proud to produce what has become the main event dedicated to digital communication in the Nordics. We invite you behind the scenes of this great event to show you how [...]

Publisert 15. juli 2013 av Maja Anna Berdychowska